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Version 2024.0.1 - 2024-01-03
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App Description

Toolbox Pro gives you 130+ powerful new actions to use within Apple’s Shortcuts app.

Tools include the latest iOS technologies:

• iOS document scanner
• Lightning-fast, on-device text recognition (OCR)
• Tag files
• Manipulate reminders and calendar events with more options than Shortcuts
• Apple Music tools give you access to the whole catalogue of 60 million songs (Apple Music subscription required)
• Transcribe speech from audio files
• Add contacts and contact groups
• Get workouts and activity summaries from Health
• TouchID/FaceID authentication
• Style and render text to images
• NFC Read + Write
• Image filters
• Create photo albums
• The Preview Tool lets you present text, images, rich URLs & interactive maps with flexible layouts. Add your own buttons to create your own app-like experience
• Global variables let you store data between shortcuts and devices
• Menu creator
• Icon generator
• Recognise objects in images using machine learning
• Get current motion of device (driving, walking etc)
• Full-screen text input box
• Remove duplicates from list
• Quick-match text before, after or between words
• Device details like orientation/is dark mode on/is audio playing/is silent mode on

And many, many more.

Get nearly 40 tools for *FREE*, unlock everything with a single in-app purchase.

You can find detailed descriptions of what each tool does in the app along with *lots* of example shortcuts to get you started.

This app supports dark mode, voice control and dynamic type.

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