Mav Export

Mav Export is a free iOS shortcut to download TikTok videos for free without any watermark. How To Download :Select Desi..
cooldevman 4 months ago
43565 likes • 1194739 downloads


Download Photos, Videos and Audios from anywhere & Support Download Snapshat stories & Instagram stories & T..
r07qxo 11 months ago
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Shortcuts Store Ⅵ

Can Not Use it ! Please use the latest version!
kombumori 1 year ago
3062 likes • 16769 downloads

Shortcuts Updater

Shortcuts Updater is a drop-in module that you can use to check for- and deliver updates for your Shortcuts. This is the..
xmrvizzy 2 years ago
2761 likes • 72681 downloads

Way-Time v2

This shortcut sends an Message to someone you can choose with the time you need to reach your destination and your actua..
matt009 2 years ago
2557 likes • 24473 downloads

UV Exposure

log current UV Index to HealthKit..
N/A 2 years ago
2531 likes • 26153 downloads

Dark Mode

Dark Mode...
dlo 2 years ago
2529 likes • 27799 downloads


You can use this shortcut to count objects, words etc. It will show the result and saves it to your clipboard...
matt009 2 years ago
2517 likes • 24586 downloads

multiple SMS

In the message Insert the string xxx instead of the name. An equal text will be generated for all but customized with t..
icerook 2 years ago
2508 likes • 24883 downloads


This SHORTCUT uses your location and your destination to send an message to the person you wish with the time you need t..
N/A 2 years ago
2493 likes • 24604 downloads

PDF Erstellen

This SHORTCUT will create an PDF from the Link in your Clipboard and saves it to your photos...
N/A 2 years ago
2493 likes • 25065 downloads

Create PDF

Version 1.0.1 of „PDF Erstellen“ Now: „Create PDF“Simple does the same but this time the Shortcut will combine all pictu..
matt009 2 years ago
2484 likes • 24793 downloads

Unlock iPhone

An anti theft shortcut Works when your iphone is locked!!! Name it whatever you wish and put it in Widgets. When pres..
Marios 2 years ago
2482 likes • 26600 downloads

Share Animoji

Share your Animoji Creation..
danielbahl 2 years ago
2477 likes • 25189 downloads


I’ve made a shortcut that allows you to compile code directly from your iOS device using the J-Doodle API that gives you..
mrp0xycat 2 years ago
2469 likes • 24144 downloads

iCloud Shortcut to Base64

This Shortcut allows you to convert icloud Link into Base64 Shortcut import Link...
xmrvizzy 2 years ago
2465 likes • 24578 downloads
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