Group Text Without The Group

A Shortcut that allows you to send a mass message out without creating a group chatThis will essentially send out the sa..
orep12 5 years ago
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Delayed Time iMessage

jText Delayed Time iMessagev1.0 19Oct2018 - Initial versionv2.0 20Oct2018 - Added informational display to “Select Conta..
jonathandodds 5 years ago
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GuMo Schatzi SMS

This time in german, but instead of sending your girl a Message every morning, just let siri do it when saying „good mor..
N/A 5 years ago
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Call Center

- This shortcuts containsSupported Languages (Russian, English)Dialing Number (Enter Number by yourself)My Contacts (Lis..
kraineff 5 years ago
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Good Morning Honey

Good morning Honey updated so it will hopefully work with all languages using weekdays 1-7 instead of german Daynames.In..
lexer 5 years ago
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Multiple Message Mayhem

This shortcut sends an individualised message to each contact you select, without creating a group thread. It takes a me..
danielbahl 5 years ago
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Good Morning

This shortcut sends a good morning message,cute dog image,joke,  to people you select in the setup process. Every time y..
jonathan 5 years ago
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Подать жалобу 🗣

Данный Шорткат поможет вам написать обращение в любую инстанцию, вплоть до Президента РФ..
sokol491 5 years ago
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Text/Email All Your Contacts!

Use this email to send all of your contacts a text or email. This can be used to send messages like “Happy New Year” to..
2br-2b 5 years ago
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For Users:This shortcut is the best way to contact any developer that is registered with this shortcut! All you have to..
sadfarm1 4 years ago
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Spam Text

You can spam text anyone from your contactsTo enter the desired repeated message, edit the shortcut and go to the “send ..
zpad0807 4 years ago
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Emoticons For Texting (made By ShortcutMaster On

Amazing for messages, Facebook, Instagram, and more!..
shortcutmaster 4 years ago
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QR Code Phone Number

Get a Phone Number from your Contacts list or Type In your own and share it, save to photos, or show it on screen!GIVE C..
shortcutmaster 4 years ago
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Ultimate Qr Code Maker

Welcome to The Ultimate QR Code Maker! You can make all kinds of QR Codes like Photos, video, text, url, music (by Apple..
shortcutmaster 4 years ago
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Auto Message

bingobucketster 3 years ago
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Need Help

This gets your location and current weather conditions around you and sends them to the person that you choose to send i..
shortgram 3 years ago
3402 likes • 33525 downloads
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