Print through shorcuts

Print stuff threw siri shortcuts..
gingey 3 years ago
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Homebridge Tool

Here is what it can do! Restart Homebridge reboot your instance get CPU temperature (macOS and Pi users) Perform an ISP..
parkthecar 1 year ago
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Manage Home bridge!

Siri Homebridge ManagerManage Homebridge with SiriWhat does this do? Well the answer is simple. This is a shortcut that ..
parkthecar 1 year ago
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Tắt hết sạc pin

Turn everything offbluetooth offwifi off.......
trongmusic 1 year ago
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Garage Status 1

Testing garage status..
spacecadetltd 1 year ago
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Turn ON TV

Mamba TV..
abeljoriz 11 months ago
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