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I love getting gifts 📦 and the best gifts is the stuff I really want 😍 Therefor I keep all my wishes managed in my Bear ..
danielbahl 5 years ago
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Time recording

Time recording allows you to record the working hours of the day with a simple touch, also calculating how much time has..
icerook 5 years ago
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When To set Off

This is simply set up to do two things - find out your travel time and when to set off for your next meeting and then gi..
N/A 5 years ago
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Log Expenses

**Log Expenses** A very simple way to keep track of your expenses (using the Reminders app) This shortcut uses the R..
N/A 5 years ago
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Mail to self

Shortcut for sending link of web page or something else to your email via share button..
N/A 5 years ago
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Prevod odabira

Give up your productivity on iOS with this shortcut. Translate selected text and share..
N/A 5 years ago
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Search on...

Do a SEARCH on Google, Youtube, IMDB, Reddit etc with your highlighted text. Easy and Quick. Use TOOLS to Translate text..
breather 5 years ago
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Shortcuts sends a message asking for help, your location, photos from cameras and audio recording of the environment. He..
N/A 5 years ago
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Schedule Next Haircut

After you get your haircut, you usually schedule your next one when you pay. Open this shortcut to select the date and ..
Jeffrey Lewis 5 years ago
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App Wishlist

- This shortcuts containsSupported Languages (Russian, English)Add Apps directly from App StoreNo need Reminder ListApps..
kraineff 5 years ago
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I use it to convert PDF to JPEG. You can use it for Evernote notes, PDFs, iTunes artists, iTunes media, Images, Photo me..
orep12 5 years ago
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Calendar to Timeline

Select a calendar and will produce a graphical timeline for events, something you print out, pin up, make a pdf, email e..
entee 5 years ago
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Birthday Helper

Birthday HelperRemember about all the birthday messages!DescriptionRun this Shortcut everyday to make sure you don’t for..
brechtbakker 5 years ago
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WebSaver+ let you download a webpage (including pictures) and stitch it together as a large image. Can be used from the ..
olgablue 5 years ago
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Home Screen Multiple Contact Launcher

This has now been replaced by Home Launcher which does the same, and more. Take a look.Creates a home screen launcher fo..
entee 5 years ago
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Daily Briefing

Shortcuts are fantastic and I've been having a lot of fun, however I haven't found them particularly useful, or at least..
idelaware 5 years ago
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