Car Shopping

This shortcut allows you to put all your car shopping websites and apps into one place..
N/A 2 months ago
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- This shortcuts containsSupported Languages (Russian, English, German, Turkish, Chinese)File Management (Make Qrcode, U..
xmrvizzy 2 months ago
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PiHole Admin

**PiHole Admin** PiHole Admin shortcut runs specified commands over ssh to do the following: * Returns current statu..
N/A 2 months ago
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Ricerca Immagini

Search for images. It also allows you to directly take a picture and search it through Google. It works well with phot..
icerook 2 months ago
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Roommate Utility Bills Splitter 1.2

This shortcut adds all of your utility bills together, splits them between your roommates, and then sends them Apple Pay..
Jackson Dame 1 month ago
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Online Shop Price Finder

This shortcut can be used as a template for people who wants to do product price search by barcodes in websites. ..
raul solorzano 2 months ago
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Clear all clipboards

One click to delete all your nasty clipboard history...
ekamran 2 months ago
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Format Link for Reddit

Format a link for a Reddit comment..
deanlyoung 2 months ago
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Airplane Mode

Because why not. These kinds of things are just so Siri can press the button for you anyway. It detects if you’re con..
N/A 2 months ago
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Take a looooong URL and make it short. Boom!..
rasmus-lo 1 month ago
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Buscador de Precios en Supermercados en Mexico

This shortcut searchs for prices in 4 Mexican Supermarkets: SORIANA LA COMER WALMART SUPERAMA..
raul solorzano 2 months ago
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Total Cost Calculator

**Great tool!!** 💰 This Shortcut simplifies everything when it comes to shopping with discount and taxes. See screens..
N/A 2 months ago
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What Is My IP?

Simple but awesome Shortcut to show your current public IP :-) Also copies the IP to your iOS ClipboardThis Shortcut use..
danielbahl 2 months ago
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iDevice Informant

Get local and remote IP for your iPhone or iPad with this awesome Shortcut...
Esa Ruoho (Lackluster) 2 months ago
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Share Wi-Fi

Share Wi-Fi login with a QR code..
deanlyoung 2 months ago
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Network tool

After testing several different network information shortcuts, I decided to merge some of them into one that's perfect f..
kouame severin 1 month ago
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