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Download Posts, Stories, Highlights, the HD Profile Picture or multiple Instagram Posts at once!

Third Party Websites Used are for downloading stories and highlights while the HD profile picture is retrieved from

All posts are downloaded directly from

Download Individual Post Copy the Post URL and run InstaSave.

Download Stories, Highlights or Profile Picture Copy the Profile URL and run InstaSave. Then select what you want to download.

Download Complete Profile Requires InstaSave Indexer for complete profile downloads.

Turn Off Notifications or Updates You can turn off notifications and updates if you set the dictionary text from "true" to "false" (just edit the shortcut and you'll see it right below the comment).

Resume Story Downloads If you were downloading a story with more than 10 files and the app crashed, the connection was lost or you stopped the shortcut, you can resume the download by copying "resume:username" to your clipboard and running the shortcut.

Download HD Video Thumbnail Set "hd_video_thumb" to "true" in the config and InstaSave will download the high resolution image for every video.

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