Out Sick

Reschedule your day when you fall sickGetting sick is no fun; even worse is interrupting much needed sleep to readjust t..
awesomebros 3 months ago
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Getting pulled over by police 🚓Automatically notify a contact you’ve been pulled over and start recording.This shortcut ..
awesomebros 3 months ago
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Night V2

Night V2“Night V2” is a “Night routine” shortcut.Details of Shortcut: It’s night routine shortcut what helps you with yo..
cheesefactory 2 months ago
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Open in Apollo

Open a Reddit link from Safari in the Apollo Reddit Client..
mortee3 3 months ago
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Parcel Tracker

- This shortcuts containsSupported Languages (Russian, English)Parcel ManagerTrack Actions (Track Parcel, Change Name, C..
xmrvizzy 2 months ago
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LaundReminder is a useful shortcut that will help you time your laundry perfectly! For more information and the most up ..
medicalshortcut 2 months ago
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Sleep Mode ™

This is Sleep Mode. Sleep Mode Dims Your Screen Brightness, pauses your music, turns on do not disturb, and low power mo..
jonathan 1 month ago
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Smart Alarm

Soon will be description..
xmrvizzy 1 month ago
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