Directions To Next Event

Simple Shortcut to show Driving Directions to next event via Google Maps..
N/A 1 month ago
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This shortcut opens Waze to navigate **home**, to **work** or to your next **calendar-event** (with a known address). Ev..
Wendel Felius 1 month ago
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Send ETA to Location

This simple shortcut sends an SMS with both relative (e.g., "10 minutes") and absolute (e.g., "5:06pm" or "17:05") to a ..
orep12 4 weeks ago
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Flight Interruptions

Flight InterruptionsWhen flights cancel, this shortcut helps find alternativesDescriptionWhen you first run the shortcut..
olgablue 2 weeks ago
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Garage Park

Garage Park: Save Parking Location with Garage Levels or Lot ZonesSure, Siri automatically saves your parking location w..
olgablue 2 weeks ago
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TfL Tube Status

London Underground Network StatusSpeaks the live status of all London Underground lines (including DLR and London Overgr..
fortnight 1 week ago
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