Flight Interruptions

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Flight Interruptions

When flights cancel, this shortcut helps find alternatives


When you first run the shortcut it will prompt you to set your “home” airport code.

You’ll be prompted with a departure airport and a destination airport. There’s two searches to choose from Basic & Advanced.

With basic, it defaults to a flight departing today, one way, one guest, in economy cabin.

With advanced, it will prompt you if you want the weather at destination, a different flight date, how many guests, which cabin class, which airlines to exclude, or if you want multiple destinations.

Flight date: Today Tomorrow Or choose date

Weather at destination: Two websites are searched for data about your destination. A Current delay report, current flights landing, and flight paths of those aircrafts. Images are combined and a quick look is presented. (You could save or share the image before continuing).

Exclude airlines: Air Canada & WestJet are the two major airlines in Canada. This option lets you select to include or exclude either airline.

Guest count: Defaulted to two, but any number could be added.

Similar Airports: Type in an airport code to have it added in the Destination search.

Cabin class: Economy Premium Economy Business First Class

If you choose Economy, the result will appear in the shortcuts app. If you choose any other cabin, it will open a webpage in safari. The reason is, Economy alternative routes are easier to find than the other cabins. Having a Safari page open let’s you come back and reference it later.

Similar to how you select a home airport. In the future I’d like to have Siri shortcuts show you all the flights a specific airline has partnerships with. Different airlines have different partnerships, and depending on why your flight is cancelled can alter your options.


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Siri is supported

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