Search eBay From Amazon

When viewing an item on the Amazon app or website, use this Shortcut from the Share menu/link to search for that item on..
brihar73 1 year ago
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Randomly selects a topic from your pre-defined list and opens a Twitter search with the query.Supports opening searches ..
mrpowwow 1 year ago
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VK Manager

This Shortcut was designed for Russian Social Network Vkontakte!- This shortcuts containsSupported Languages (Russian, E..
xmrvizzy 1 year ago
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Instagram Hashtag Helper

Instagram Hashtag HelperAllows you to have pre-set hashtag groups for use on different photo posts to Instagram.Instagra..
polygonnys 1 year ago
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Download lastest news from French Press "20 minutes" edition (National, Lille, Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Marseille, Nantes..
widowild 11 months ago
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French News

Displays the latest news from the various French press sites (BFMTV, le point, Le Parisien,le monde, France 24, Les Éch..
widowild 11 months ago
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A Google Shortcut with some basic tools:1: Google AssistantGoogle Assistant will allow you to type into the input, for e..
99brendanallen 8 months ago
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Apple News

Get the latest Apple news from one of your favorite tech blogs. Headlines can be previewed in Siri or the widget...
widowild 7 months ago
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Snapchat Upload

Snap Upload is a lens for import pictures without « From Camera Roll »..
sosoced 8 months ago
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Quick link to Ladbrokes Must download the Ladbrokes app and add it Test it ..
kanesjone19 8 months ago
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RedditKit is a simple shortcut which allows you to get the freshest five posts from your favourite subreddits! How does ..
deanodc 7 months ago
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Tinder Auto Liker

Tinder gets 1.6 billion swipes per day with over 20 billion matches. But it is always a hassle to swipe with your finger..
hsinghhira 7 months ago
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See deleted Reddit comments via removeddit.comWorks from a direct reddit link or from Safari.Works with Google AMP too..
vin047 7 months ago
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Facebook Toolkit

Facebook (sometimes shortened to FB) is a social networking service and website started in February 2004. It was built b..
hsinghhira 6 months ago
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dasmurfey 4 months ago
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Internet Data package

This shortcut add feature for user register data package without finding on Internet and this shortcut will update regul..
khaizerofx 3 months ago
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