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RedditKit is a simple shortcut which allows you to get the freshest five posts from your favourite subreddits!

How does it work?

On first run, you'll be prompted to create a file. This is so the shortcut can maintain your epic list of Subreddits. Running the shortcut thereafter will use this file to get the names of your Subreddits and allow to you pull content from them.

Usage Instructions:

To Add Subreddits:

Tap the "Add subreddit" button from the main menu.

To Remove Subreddits:

Tap "Settings" from the main menu, then "Remove Subreddits". Select the one you'd like to remove, and you're done!

So why this instead of an app?

Why not?

Updates and Fixes

RedditKit is enabled with both UpdateKit (for RoutineHub) and Shortcuts Updater (for ShareShortcuts). You can use either one, and get the latest version either way!

Can I modify and change it?

Sure! Just credit me for the original work, and ensure you're not being a copy-paste douche bag :P


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