Hotspot QR Code

**Shortcut which makes QR codes that connect you to a wifi network.** Use this Shortcut to create QR-codes for your W..
N/A 1 year ago
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This Day In History

quickly get history.coms this day in history moments/events you can add it to your reading list or view at run time ..
N/A 1 year ago
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Amazon to Fakespot

**Check Amazon Review Quality With Fakespot** Now you can check a product’s review quality on fakespot directly in the ..
N/A 1 year ago
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First try a complicated shortcut here. Basically I pulled all the caffeine information from here: https://www.caffeinein..
N/A 1 year ago
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Listen to Quotes from the world of Pop Culture, Science and Politics.Features:* 250 Quotes* Copy the Quote* Search the Q..
breather 1 year ago
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Check local tide levels..
deanlyoung 1 year ago
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IMDb Rating

IMDb Rating This shortcut searches for the IMDb rating of any **Movie** or **TV-Series** (even single episodes). **UPD..
N/A 1 year ago
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Morse Code

Morse Code - Shortcut that translates text into Morse and outputs it using your flashlight🔦🔦🔦🔦Today, I made this shortcu..
N/A 1 year ago
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Amazon Price History

**CamelCamelCamel price graph.** Make the amazon app better than ever! Shop smart! This works for ou..
N/A 1 year ago
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Choose a ⭐️ sign from list and the Shortcut will show the prediction for the day from 2  different sourcesfindyourfate.c..
awesomebros 1 year ago
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I Want This App

# I Want This AppThis is a Shortcut that allows you to store a collection of apps. On the App Store page of the app you ..
canibeanartist 1 year ago
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News Search

Will search several news sources for any articles matching the keyword. Will then either show you or read the excerpts o..
entee 11 months ago
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View Upcoming Birthdays 🎉

View Upcoming BirthdaysTells you your upcoming birthdaysYour upcoming birthdays in order. Get the gifts ready 🎁🎂All I wi..
xxcd 1 year ago
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OK Google

Ask Google something, then it’ll speak it out aloud...
oslamny 11 months ago
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Reverse Image Search

Instead of using keywords to search for anything related to the keywords; use image to find more related contents (more ..
luftywiranda 1 year ago
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Full Moon?

Check whether it is a full moon today...
deanlyoung 11 months ago
878 likes • 8780 downloads
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