Calculate Tip & Split

UPDATED WITH A FULL TIP TABLE: I can always figure out the tip in my head for myself, however the real reason and need f..
idelaware 5 years ago
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Hash Rate Converter

Use this Shortcut to quickly convert hash power from one unit to another...
brihar73 5 years ago
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Sales Tax Calculator

A shortcut to calculate sales tax for an amount based on US zip codes. The result shows the combined tax rate (state tax..
digmasterfunk 5 years ago
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QR-Code Generator

I’m wondering why nobody had this idea before but here’s a solution. Copy a URL to the clipboard and run the shortcut, i..
the-os-guy 5 years ago
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Measure Of Things

A shortcut to compare measurements!Thanks to Bluebulb Project’s Measure of Things (
2br-2b 5 years ago
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Sum hh:mm:ss Times

The input to this is a list of times in the following format:HH:mm:ssIt will Sum the list and convert the total to:HH:mm..
chefchip1965 5 years ago
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Lipsy Time Calc

time calc..
rvb1k 4 years ago
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Swing Updater

Swing Updater 9.0 and up now supports ShareShortcuts and is available for download in RoutineHub!For better overview and..
d3w10 4 years ago
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Just a random illness generator :)..
oliver 4 years ago
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Random phone Number generator

This shortcut helps if you don’t have the app..
thetechcoder 4 years ago
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Math Helper

Metric Math HelperThis shortcut can help you with your basic math problems. More advanced helper will be available in th..
mariorayden 3 years ago
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Calculator Bot

Calculator to help with your homework! Don’t write (2+2=) write (2+2)..
mythical 3 years ago
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You can make any calculation you want (that is basically all it does)..
gooey321 3 years ago
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Math Practice

A shortcut to practice your math skills...
martindb1988 3 years ago
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BMI Calculator

This calculator provides body mass index (BMI) and the corresponding BMI weight status category for adults 20 years and ..
arirafiq 3 years ago
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Instagram Download

lulu 3 years ago
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