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A Google Shortcut with some basic tools:

1: Google Assistant

Google Assistant will allow you to type into the input, for example, “What is the score of the Cavilers vs Lakers game?”, then it will launch Google Assistant, wait for 2 seconds, it will automatically turn your volume up to 50%, then VTT will read it aloud back to you.

2: Search the Web (Not Fully Working)

From this shortcut, you can search the web for something. Now, Chrome only allows this when you are saying this from Siri, so I have no control over that. But, you can type in something in the input, then the shortcut will automatically copy it to your clipboard, it will launch a new tab, therefore, you can paste that into the browser.

3: Open in Chrome

From Safari or Opera, you can click on “Open in Chrome” and it will simply, open in Chrome. Plain and simple!

For updates, it will be using RoutineUpdater for now, with ShareShortcuts updater coming soon. To install RoutineUpdater, please search up “RoutineUpdater” on RoutineHub. Most likely in the next update, this won’t be an issue, so for now, please use RoutineUpdater. Thank you.


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