What Is My IP?

Simple but awesome Shortcut to show your current public IP :-) Also copies the IP to your iOS ClipboardThis Shortcut use..
danielbahl 4 years ago
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Network Test

Network testing tool..
deanlyoung 4 years ago
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Car Shopping

This shortcut allows you to put all your car shopping websites and apps into one place..
N/A 4 years ago
3820 likes • 37954 downloads

Turn On AppleTV

*This shortcut uses the HDMI-CEC protocol to turn on the Apple TV via the local network.You need to enter the IP of the ..
raul solorzano 4 years ago
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- This shortcuts containsSupported Languages (Russian, English, German, Turkish, Chinese)File Management (Make Qrcode, U..
kraineff 4 years ago
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No Paywall

Looking to read an article, but behind a paywall? This shortcut should help you read almost any article out there. ..
N/A 4 years ago
3805 likes • 43470 downloads


Take a looooong URL and make it short. Boom!..
rasmus-lo 4 years ago
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Download Imgur

Download all files from an Imgur Post. It downloads photos, videos and gifs!..
hinapupina 4 years ago
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anonymous call

It allows to make anonymous calls with the telephone operators that support the # 31 #[email protected]
icerook 4 years ago
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Quick Reminder

Quick ReminderQuick Reminder allows you to set a reminderQuick Reminder allows you to set a reminder with title, date/ti..
rasmusbolsen 4 years ago
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Clear all clipboards

One click to delete all your nasty clipboard history...
ekamran 4 years ago
3791 likes • 39837 downloads

Tilt Scroll

# Tilt ScrollShare a web page from Safari to this Shortcut and it will allow you to tilt your device towards you or away..
canibeanartist 4 years ago
3790 likes • 42502 downloads

Airplane Mode

Because why not. These kinds of things are just so Siri can press the button for you anyway. It detects if you’re con..
N/A 4 years ago
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Unlock iPhone

New version 1.3..
N/A 4 years ago
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Theatre Mode

This shortcut helps you avoid the embarrassment at Movie theatres.When enabled, it will ask you for an estimate run time..
ekamran 4 years ago
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ShareShort Hub

This Shortcut puts the entire Shortcuts Gallery from ShareShortcuts.com inside the Shortcuts app on your iPhone or iPad...
kraineff 4 years ago
3777 likes • 45127 downloads
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