Share Wi-Fi

Share Wi-Fi login with a QR code..
deanlyoung 4 months ago
368 likes • 3865 downloads

Save Power

๐Ÿ”Œ ๐Ÿ”‹ Shortcut for reducing load on battery by activating Low Power Mode on iOS including options to disable Wi-Fi and/or ..
danielbahl 4 months ago
361 likes • 3639 downloads

Password Generator

Simple Password Generator for creating unique passwords...
polygonnys 4 months ago
359 likes • 3160 downloads

Theatre Mode

This shortcut helps you avoid the embarrassment at Movie theatres.When enabled, it will ask you for an estimate run time..
ekamran 4 months ago
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Control Centre

THIS IS VERSION THREE OF MY CONTROL CENTRE must be called CONTROL CENTRE in your shortcuts folder. controls >AIRPLANE..
tonydudley 4 months ago
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Total Cost Calculator

**Great tool!!** ๐Ÿ’ฐ This Shortcut simplifies everything when it comes to shopping with discount and taxes. See screens..
N/A 4 months ago
358 likes • 3445 downloads

Percentage Calc

Shortcut that calculates percentages because Iโ€™m the lazyguy...

iDevice Informant

Get local and remote IP for your iPhone or iPad with this awesome Shortcut...
Esa Ruoho (Lackluster) 4 months ago
357 likes • 3520 downloads

Network details

Displays Local IP, Public IP and Network currently connected to...
kseverin 4 months ago
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Panic Mode

if you are in danger, just click the shortcuts and a siren will start to play. after 20 seconds Siri will ask if you are..
icerook 4 months ago
355 likes • 3243 downloads

Track Package

Quick way to track packages from Fedex, UPS, USPS (only tested for U.S.). Can extract many (0+) ย tracking numbers from t..
stuart 4 months ago
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Take a looooong URL and make it short. Boom!..
rasmus-lo 4 months ago
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Network Test

Network testing tool..
deanlyoung 4 months ago
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No Paywall

Looking to read an article, but behind a paywall? This shortcut should help you read almost any article out there. ..
N/A 4 months ago
348 likes • 4100 downloads

Turn On AppleTV

*This shortcut uses the HDMI-CEC protocol to turn on the Apple TV via the local network.You need to enter the IP of the ..
raul solorzano 4 months ago
348 likes • 3655 downloads

Download Video

This shortcut uses 6 different online download services to extract all compatible downloads for your URL. Supported are ..
hinapupina 4 months ago
345 likes • 4726 downloads
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