With this shortcuts you are able to download anything from a public INSTAGRAM profile. You are able to download stories,..
N/A 2 years ago
2129 likes • 37731 downloads

Share Wi-Fi

Share Wi-Fi login with a QR code..
deanlyoung 2 years ago
2128 likes • 24966 downloads

Car Shopping

This shortcut allows you to put all your car shopping websites and apps into one place..
N/A 2 years ago
2127 likes • 21220 downloads

Theatre Mode

This shortcut helps you avoid the embarrassment at Movie theatres.When enabled, it will ask you for an estimate run time..
ekamran 2 years ago
2125 likes • 23300 downloads

anonymous call

It allows to make anonymous calls with the telephone operators that support the # 31 #[email protected]
icerook 2 years ago
2117 likes • 21549 downloads

Airplane Mode

Because why not. These kinds of things are just so Siri can press the button for you anyway. It detects if you’re con..
N/A 2 years ago
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Take a looooong URL and make it short. Boom!..
rasmus-lo 2 years ago
2111 likes • 21011 downloads

Track Package

Quick way to track packages from Fedex, UPS, USPS (only tested for U.S.). Can extract many (0+)  tracking numbers from t..
stuart 2 years ago
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Network details

Displays Local IP, Public IP and Network currently connected to...
kseverin 2 years ago
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Ask Siri how to pronounce a word. If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, just ask Siri!..
mrp0xycat 2 years ago
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Turn On AppleTV

*This shortcut uses the HDMI-CEC protocol to turn on the Apple TV via the local network.You need to enter the IP of the ..
raul solorzano 2 years ago
2108 likes • 21659 downloads

Unlock iPhone

New version 1.3..
N/A 2 years ago
2107 likes • 21123 downloads

Download Imgur

Download all files from an Imgur Post. It downloads photos, videos and gifs!..
hinapupina 2 years ago
2107 likes • 22265 downloads

Network tool

After testing several different network information shortcuts, I decided to merge some of them into one that's perfect f..
kouame severin 2 years ago
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Use the console in Safari to debug websites. Perfect for web-developers.Credit goes to this Reddit PostVideo attached:..
rednicks 2 years ago
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Tilt Scroll

# Tilt ScrollShare a web page from Safari to this Shortcut and it will allow you to tilt your device towards you or away..
canibeanartist 2 years ago
2097 likes • 24054 downloads
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