iDevice Informant

Get local and remote IP for your iPhone or iPad with this awesome Shortcut...
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Unlock iPhone

New version 1.3..
N/A 1 year ago
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Google Translate

DescriptionDoes what you think it does, takes text and translates it using Google Translate! The translated text will be..
brechtbakker 1 year ago
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Ask Siri how to pronounce a word. If you don’t know how to pronounce a word, just ask Siri!..
mrp0xycat 1 year ago
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Control Centre

THIS IS VERSION THREE OF MY CONTROL CENTRE must be called CONTROL CENTRE in your shortcuts folder. controls >AIRPLANE..
tonydudley 1 year ago
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Backup My Shortcuts

Backup one or all your shortcuts with this Backup ShortcutNow you have a choice to back up just one or all of your Short..
oslamny 1 year ago
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Tilt Scroll

# Tilt ScrollShare a web page from Safari to this Shortcut and it will allow you to tilt your device towards you or away..
canibeanartist 1 year ago
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Quick Reminder

Quick ReminderQuick Reminder allows you to set a reminderQuick Reminder allows you to set a reminder with title, date/ti..
rasmusbolsen 1 year ago
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Clock In/Out

Clocking In/Out ⏰Clock in/out anytime - estimates of how much you earned - Add datesI took the clocking in/out shortcut ..
kevinishere 1 year ago
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Create and set Alarms for any time you need, has the ability to create multiple alarms, or set Alarms for Sunrise - one ..
tonydudley 1 year ago
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Control Centre Systems

Control Centre 7 ![![](]( is the biggest upgrade to..
tonydudley 1 year ago
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WiFi Reset

A simple one click WiFi disconnect and Re-connection option...
ekamran 1 year ago
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Reddit Comment Undeleter

Recovers deleted/removed Reddit comments!How to use:Step 1: On the Reddit comment you want to recover, press share and p..
xpgamingyt 11 months ago
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More Fonts...

Customize your fonts.Add personality to your texts, emails, statuses, etc.Choose between 9 unique fonts, the style that ..
rasmus-lo 1 year ago
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Control Centre Shortcut Super Hub

Control Centre Shortcut Super HubNow you can run any shortcut in your library without adding them into this shortcut, it..
tonydudley 1 year ago
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View URL

# View LinkSometimes I want to view the URL of a link whether it be from curiosity, suspicion, to save for later, or any..
canibeanartist 1 year ago
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