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I love getting gifts 📦 and the best gifts is the stuff I really want 😍 Therefor I keep all my wishes managed in my Bear App with a hashtag #wishlist so it's easy to find and share with friends and family when it's time for my birthday 🎂 or Christmas 🎄

I created this nifty little Shortcut with one goal: making it very easy add new stuff to my Wishlist in Bear, just share something to this Shortcut via the ShareSheet, as shown in the attached video here, and boom, you new note is created complete with images, #wishlist-hashtag and a URL to the product: 


This Shortcut creates a new note in Bear with the item + image. It's pretty simple but pretty cool. 
 Works with all tested apps: eBay, Amazon, Wish, DX, AliExpress etc. + all browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.).

I use this Shortcut a lot in many different forms, not only to manage my wishes, but also to do stuff like:

  • Shopping Lists
  • Articles I want to Read later (marked with #readlater)-tag etc.
  • Code-snippes 
  • Save Screenshots for later use
  •  etc.

Easy to customize.

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