Device Control

Welcome to Device Control! A shortcut where you can either respring, restart, or enable battery options right from the t..
99brendanallen 5 years ago
4742 likes • 48818 downloads

Health Tracker

InformationAuthor: u/chefchip1965Categories: Health SportsNote: Special thanks to @JoeReally and his Reddit post on dict..
chefchip1965 5 years ago
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Visualise how busy your schedule is, select how many weeks to look ahead, then select any of the dates in the list to ju..
entee 5 years ago
4704 likes • 46211 downloads

Charge Fast

If you like to get longer battery through you day this tips can help you Alert want to prevent battery don’t close the a..
jeffmelody 5 years ago
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Text above picture

primes 5 years ago
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Home Screen Notes

Home screen markdown notesTakes clipboard/share sheet input of Markdown or file/clipboard and makes a page for saving to..
entee 5 years ago
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iOS Beta

I made the shortcut to enable the access of iOS betas to people that don’t want to pay 99$ per year to access the betas...
the-os-guy 5 years ago
4661 likes • 47076 downloads

Ашан 🍏

Шорткат для узкого круга пользователей. Данный шорткат хранит срок годности каждого товара, проверяет, просрочен ли това..
sokol491 5 years ago
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Backup Shortcuts

Backup Shortcuts to your place of choice from the options ..
techsavagepro 5 years ago
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Lit Tool

Lit Tool is a tool that allows you to do multiple stuff, from ejecting water out of speakers to messageing someone...
dasmurfey 4 years ago
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Today gives you an overview of todays, and upcoming appoinments and Reminders. The Shortcut shows Reminders from all of ..
entee 5 years ago
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Atajo para comprimir/descomprimir (compatible con la descompresión de archivos .rar). Su uso es sencillo: lo lanzamos y ..
pelocho 5 years ago
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🏋️‍♂️ Workouts

Workout Tracker/chefchip1965This simple shortcut tracks completing daily training. It simple tacks it you performed an e..
chefchip1965 4 years ago
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Free Next

For checking when you have a particular day free next, select a day of the week, and how many weeks to look ahead and th..
entee 5 years ago
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Week Ahead

Week Ahead shows the next 7 days of all day events, appointments and reminders in one list that lets you easily see just..
entee 4 years ago
4500 likes • 43905 downloads

Intl Times For Contact Groups

See all the times for your team, gaming group at onceWill show the different international times for contact group(s) so..
entee 5 years ago
4498 likes • 45396 downloads
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