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If you like to get longer battery through you day this tips can help you 

Alert want to prevent battery don’t close the app when you finish use this cause damage to you battery. ALWAYS LEAVE OPEN  BECAUSE IF YOU CLOSED CAN DAMAGED YOU BATTERY 

Go to 

Settings app > Privacy > Location Services > scroll down > Desactive any app that that you think don’t need Location>  Scroll down go to SYSTEM SERVICE > desactive anything do you don’t need uses Location.  ESPECIALLY THIS FOUR.. Significant Location, IPhone Analysis, Popular Near Me, Routing & Traffic desactive this four  


Open Setting app if you like the desactive vibration go to      general > accessibility > scroll down > see vibration..  desactive if you like. Or tap to search app and the settings type vibration desactive.. another one..  go to settings app tap Search in the top and types Refresh opened go to Background App Refresh and choose  WiFi only or OFF DONT USE CELULAR DATA AND WIFI, but if you choice OFF BECAUSE  PREVENTS MORE BATTERY THROUGH YOU DAY TO YOU PHONE.. 

any issue or questions email me!! 👉🏽[email protected]   🔋💪🏽A put a lot time to create this to you guy!! IF YOU CREATE VIDEO ON YOUTUBE ON ANY SOCIAL MEDIA GIVE CREDIT TO ME AND SAYS MY NAME ON THE VIDEO..  >KELVIN JEFERSON OR JEFFMELODY!!<

Thanks for downloading!! 


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