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Siri Homebridge Manager

Manage Homebridge with Siri


What does this do? Well the answer is simple. This is a shortcut that allows you to manage your Homebridge instance using Siri and Natural Language. Here are the full feature sets!

  • Restart Homebridge service
  • Reboot your server 
  • Check the online status of your instance (is Homebridge running?)
  • Check your Server's Internet connection
  • Perform an ISP Speed Test (macOS and Pi Users only. this uses a brew tool called "speedtest-cli")
  • Check the CPU temperature on your server (macOS, Linux and Pi users only. macOS users need to use a brew tool called "osx-cpu-temp")
  • You can delete your configuration by telling it to "restore the shortcut" this deletes your configuration.
  • run a diagnostic
  • string up to 2 commands at a time
  • you can feed commands with other shortcuts to “shortcut” to actions within it
  • Get RAM usage
  • Get CPU load
  • Force Restart Homebridge (restart UI and Service)

If you ever need a little help on what you can do, you can say "Help Me" and Siri will tell you all the available actions :)


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