Need Help

This gets your location and current weather conditions around you and sends them to the person that you choose to send i..
shortgram 2 years ago
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Spam message

This is a spam message shortcut! You can spam any of your contacts! Any comments or feedback you have please put them in..
gooey321 1 year ago
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Message anybody in different style ..
iconickr 1 year ago
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Spammer by Sameerhereiki

Features:Spams messages quicklyMultiple contactsAny questions in the coments or on my discord demonslayer64#9649..
sameerhereiki 1 year ago
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Omega Spammer

Spam your friends quickly with this shortcut it blows up their notifications!..
gingey 1 year ago
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WhatsApp ✉️

Send sms on Whats'App without saving contacts..
epiemme 7 months ago
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Message anyone on WhatsApp without the need to save a number on your phone.راسل أي شخص على واتساب دون الحاجة إلى حفظ رقم..
badrqaf 6 months ago
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Contacts (Message Maker)

Type your name, body of email and tada! You have your own message! Making messages has never been this easy! You can als..
vultario 5 months ago
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Spam Text

Spam text to anyone..
vultario 2 months ago
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Message Maker (Old)

The Old version of Message Maker...
vultario 2 months ago
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