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Shortcuts Updater
is a drop-in module that you can use to check for- and deliver updates for your Shortcuts. This is the official Updater for and it is tightly integrated into our workflow. When you update your Shortcuts on this updater will automatically update everybody around the world with the latest and greatest.

  • Everything is hosted for free on our platform, no need to learn Github or have your own hosting platform. 
  • Our Shortcuts Updater is as simple as drag-n-drop.
  • Support for multiple languages, making it easy for people around the world to use it.
  • Shows the changelog and version before updating, just like the Apple App Store.
  • Update every Shortcut installed from, with one click - no need to manually install updates one-by-one.
  • Multiple Mirrors around the world powered by Digital Ocean CDN.

We think this is the best updater around! and we hope Shortcut-devs will integrate this into all your beloved Shortcuts 😍

Any questions, hit us at @danielbahl or @xMrVizzy at Twitter. 🐦





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