iCloud Shortcut to Base64

This Shortcut allows you to convert icloud Link into Base64 Shortcut import Link...
xmrvizzy 7 months ago
585 likes • 5736 downloads

PGO Sprites

Pokémon GO Sprites: Easily search for all Pokémon GO sprites!This Shortcut uses 'ZeChrales' GitHub repository 'Pogoasset..
olgablue 7 months ago
585 likes • 5759 downloads

Send an Email with SendGrid

Sends an e-mail via the SendGrid APIDocumentation: SendGrid APIRequires an API-KEY from Sendgrid...
9-ninja 7 months ago
584 likes • 5944 downloads

Control Centre 4

Control Centre 4 Rebuilt from the ground up to enable a smother running app.New features System status and restore Music..
tonydudley 7 months ago
580 likes • 5890 downloads

DisneyLand Wait Times

DisneyLand Wait TimesDisneyLand / California Adventure Wait Times & Offline Park Maps.This Shortcut provides you wit..
rasmus-lo 7 months ago
576 likes • 5513 downloads

QR Anything

Turn anything into a QR-code.Did you know that your iPhones camera has a built-in QR reader. Just open the iPhone camera..
xxcd 7 months ago
575 likes • 5792 downloads

Business Days Until Date

WolframAlpha - # of business days until a future dateReturn the number of business days from now until a future dateThe ..
rasmus-lo 7 months ago
569 likes • 5626 downloads

Control Centre 7

Control Centre 7This is the biggest upgrade to date with many new features and controls.Control Centre 6 started slow do..
tonydudley 7 months ago
559 likes • 5988 downloads


Convert currencies with a trusted API. Over 20 currencies supported!This shortcut uses a trusted API and converting over..
orep12 7 months ago
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ShareShort Pub

This Shortcut puts your uploaded Shortcuts from ShareShortcuts.com inside the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and iPad. Upl..
xmrvizzy 6 months ago
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Ignite Your Tesla

This Shortcut starts your car from a Shortcut via the Tesla Webservice at https://owner-api.teslamotors.com/🏴‍☠️ Please ..
teslaguy 6 months ago
551 likes • 5201 downloads

Tesla Access Token

This Shortcut grabs your Personal Tesla API-token from the Tesla Webservice at https://owner-api.teslamotors.com/🏴‍☠️ Pl..
teslaguy 6 months ago
530 likes • 5187 downloads

Markdown To Remark Slideshow 🅼🅳

Will take Markdown as an input from an action extension and either save a Remark Slideshow as html, or will open in Safa..
entee 6 months ago
503 likes • 5206 downloads

Rob’s OCR & Translate

Rob's OCR & TranslateOCR and then translate any file or photoThis Shortcut uses optical character recognition to rec..
xxcd 6 months ago
495 likes • 5175 downloads

How To Express Time

How to use time functions in your shortcuts.I see so many people asking how to get the week number or get the last day o..
tonydudley 6 months ago
482 likes • 4731 downloads

Open in FanFiction.net

This shortcut allows you to open a FanFiction.Net url using the FanFiction.Net iOS app. Just copy the link to your clipb..
ariannablack 5 months ago
474 likes • 4495 downloads
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