You can use this shortcut to count objects, words etc. It will show the result and saves it to your clipboard...
matt009 4 years ago
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multiple SMS

In the message Insert the string xxx instead of the name. An equal text will be generated for all but customized with t..
icerook 4 years ago
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Generates a ‘Let Me Google That For You’-link.Friends asking too much? Just send them a LMGTFY-link. This Shortcut Gener..
olgablue 4 years ago
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Ignite Your Tesla

This Shortcut starts your car from a Shortcut via the Tesla Webservice at🏴‍☠️ Please ..
teslaguy 4 years ago
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Control Centre 4

Control Centre 4 Rebuilt from the ground up to enable a smother running app.New features System status and restore Music..
tonydudley 4 years ago
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Control Centre 7

Control Centre 7This is the biggest upgrade to date with many new features and controls.Control Centre 6 started slow do..
tonydudley 4 years ago
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PGO Sprites

Pokémon GO Sprites: Easily search for all Pokémon GO sprites!This Shortcut uses 'ZeChrales' GitHub repository 'Pogoasset..
olgablue 4 years ago
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Send an Email with SendGrid

Sends an e-mail via the SendGrid APIDocumentation: SendGrid APIRequires an API-KEY from Sendgrid...
9-ninja 4 years ago
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Business Days Until Date

WolframAlpha - # of business days until a future dateReturn the number of business days from now until a future dateThe ..
rasmus-lo 4 years ago
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Convert currencies with a trusted API. Over 20 currencies supported!This shortcut uses a trusted API and converting over..
orep12 4 years ago
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ShareShort Pub

This Shortcut puts your uploaded Shortcuts from inside the Shortcuts app on your iPhone and iPad. Upl..
kraineff 4 years ago
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GIF: Download And Send

Choose an Gif and send over WhatsApp. Also saves the gif to your photo-app...
matt009 4 years ago
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This shortcut will install Cydia without a jailbreakPlease note that this shortcut can only install a version of Cydia t..
the-os-guy 4 years ago
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DisneyLand Wait Times

DisneyLand Wait TimesDisneyLand / California Adventure Wait Times & Offline Park Maps.This Shortcut provides you wit..
rasmus-lo 4 years ago
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QR Anything

Turn anything into a QR-code.Did you know that your iPhones camera has a built-in QR reader. Just open the iPhone camera..
xxcd 4 years ago
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Markdown To Remark Slideshow 🅼🅳

Will take Markdown as an input from an action extension and either save a Remark Slideshow as html, or will open in Safa..
entee 4 years ago
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