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This Shortcut starts your car from a Shortcut via the Tesla Webservice at https://owner-api.teslamotors.com/

🏴‍☠️ Please ALWAYS check the Shortcut and it's content when you are sharing personal data like e-mail and passwords. This Shortcut is pretty simple to validate, it takes your data and posts it to the Tesla Owner-API. We do this do get your Access Token which is later used to send the "remote_start_drive" command. 

🏎 🔑 This Shortcut is using an API and will send your Tesla Password via HTTPS (Encrypted) only to Tesla's own API. I will never get access to your information.

Posted exclusively on ShareShortcuts.com 🥰💪 I think this is the best place for sharing Shortcuts.

What is this?
Download this Shortcut and Add a keyphrase to your Shortcut and remote start your Tesla by just saying "Hey Siri, boot my car" or whatever phrase you prefer.

Automatic Updates
I've enable Automatic Updated via ShareShortcurs.com Updater. So every time I update this Shortcut, you will automatically receive updates, as long as you have installed the Updater Shortcut as well.

I would like to thank Tim Dorr for his fantastic documentation at https://tesla-api.timdorr.com/ about the the Tesla API. Also I found inspiration for this Shortcut on Reddit and other projects using the API.


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