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3 years ago


We know many of our users have been asking about our API and when it will be ready. We are working on the last details of the API right now, and are super excited to accept beta-access to our API

We just opened up the API-section under the "User Account"-page, and you can generate and grab your personal API-key right now:

Our API is based on simple JSON, and the following features are available in version 1.0:

  • Fetch newest releases
  • Fetch all categories
  • Fetch all Shortcuts filtered by a category
  • Fetch recently updated Shortcuts
  • Fetch TOP 100 based on Downloads
  • Fetch TOP 100 based on Likes
  • Search our database
  • Upload new Shortcuts*
  • Get full change-log for every Shortcut
  • Get recent version and update-date for every Shortcut

* Only Upload requires an API-key. The other JSON Entry Points are publicly available.

Get access now:
If you have any ideas or projects in mind for a Shortcut, an App or webpage that's utilizing our API, please contact me @danielbahl or @shareshortcuts on Twitter or e-mail me at ShareShortcuts at danielbahl.com and I will give you early access to our JSON feeds and API. 

We would love to see many projects using our API: Let's share our awesome Shortcuts with even more users.

Looking forward to hearing from you and see what you can create with this!

Greetings from the ShareShortcuts Team