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4 years ago

It's here! The long awaited Automation-features in Shortcuts. 

 Available Automations in iOS 13:

  • Specific Time of Day (Cronjob style)
  • Alarm (Stopped or started) 
  • Apple Watch workout 
  • Arrive/Leave Location 
  • Connect to CarPlay  (when connecting to CarPlay)
  • Airplane Mode  (when entering or leaving Airplane Mode)
  • WiFi (when connecting to a specific hotspot, for example at home or work)
  • Bluetooth (when connecting to a specific bluetooth device)
  • Do Not Disturb   (when entering or leaving DND mode)
  • Low Power Mode  (when entering or leaving Low Power Mode)
  • NFC Tag (ex. Scan a NFC-tag to play music)
  • Open App (ex. “When I Open Twitter”)

I will post more screenshots and more info ASAP :)