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3 years ago

Today we have implemented a new comment-system on ShareShortcuts.com; The DISQUS Comment System. 

Many of our users have wished for a better comment-system on ShareShortcuts.com, and Santa has delivered this year :) 

Our new implementation meets all the wishes we have received, such as:

  • Real-time Commenting
  • Rich media commenting with video and images
  • Subscribe and receive emails with new comments
  • Comment Threads, and many more features

By implementing DISQUS, which is the most annotated comment- and community system in the world, we hope to create a new lively community on ShareShortcuts.com

We are currently importing old comments to DISQUS, and we expect everything to be ready for action within the next few hours  :)

Good day to all of you 👋

Best regards
ShareShortcuts Team