Blaze’s Crypter

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Blaze's Crypter

Hi there! I'm Blaze and this is my Crypter shortcut! What this shortcut allows you to do is encrypt or decrypt messages! Yes I do know that there are a million of these types of shortcuts out there and I believe that there are better ones than mine. I made this as a way to get better at making shortcuts and to get more experience with them! I do plan on updating and adding more things and different methods of crypting with this so for now enjoy simple hidden messages with friends!


  • Encrypt Text
  • Decrypt Text

Planned Features

  • Layered Text Encryption
  • Encrypt to a file
  • Decrypt from file


  • Version 1.1   Current
    4 weeks ago (Changes)
  • Version 1.0
    4 weeks ago (Changes)


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