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## A simple utility for cleaning unnecessary information (? and what‘s after it) from a URL.

## About

Unfortunately, this is *not* the Ultimate Link Cleaner utility I have aspired to make for as long as I‘ve curated web content in various forms, but it will at least reliably perform one function: removing “tracking“ metadata (? and the stuff after it) by disassembling a given URL and reassembling *only* the host and the path. That‘s it. It will *not* function if redirection is involved.

### Functions

**As configured by default... ** 

(Subject to your preference!)

1. Retrieves current clipboard

2. Finds the host ( in the URL

3. Finds the path (/path) in the URL

4. Combines the raw text of the host and the path to (hopefully) form a link without a scheme (

5. Recognizes this raw text as a real URL, adding a scheme (

6. Copies the result to the clipboard

My line is open any time if you have suggestions/feedback/feel like harassing someone for an unrelated reason:

## Contact

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* [*Everywhere*](


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