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Quick and Easy navigate to address

The fastest and easiest way to build a route to various destinations using various Navigations apps.

Could be started with imported data (from Share) or as standalone with menu to pick actions.


Share from anywhere to NavigateME shortcut to build the navigation route:

  • Auto address recognition
  • From input data, urls, voice and text etc.
  • Pick Contact from address book
  • Send URLs from browser, maps sites and map Apps (Apple, Google)
  • Auto parse coordinates, selected text etc.

Use built-in Menu if run within shared imported data

  • From Clipboard with preview and auto Text recognition
  • Voice dictation
  • Manual entered text
  • Upcoming Calendar events
  • Contacts with addresses
  • Favorites list (can edit, add, add current location or delete)

Extra features

  • Select from many addresses if assigned many
  • Changeable settings of selected App (Waze, Google Maps, Apple Maps etc.) and Travel mode (Drive/Walk)
  • English and Russian languages
  • Online update of Shortcut

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