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Sonos Shortcut with submenu to choose from. You need an IFTTT account for this (It's free)

Getting started: Connect your Sonos to IFTTT first, then you have to set up multiple applets from Sonos with Webhooks connection. I can’t automate this process in the Shortcut, sorry about that. Let me know in the comments if you need help.

After setup is done you have to add this to the Shortcut. When your first run the Shortcut check the questions to add your Webhooks API Key, Webhooks event trigger and Webhooks urls from the IFTTT service. And Boom! You can rock your Sonos from Siri Shortcuts with Siri, a widget or from the app itself

PRO TIP: You can do some great things if you use the same name for event triggers. Example, Play different playlists/radiostations/favorites in different rooms with only one menu action !

Link: Download IFTTT App

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