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Tailor Banner Remover

Be cheap and efficient


Tailor is a great app for stitching together screenshots, but the free version adds a banner to the bottom of your stitched screenshot. This is can be cut away by saving the image, editing it and cropping away the banner at the bottom, saving the changes, etc, but that’s a lot of work... now with this Shortcut you can save a lot of time by removing the banner automagically!

This Shortcut does exactly what you’d expect it to do, it takes the image you input and cuts off the Tailor banner at the bottom!

How to use

  • Open Tailor and hit ‘Share’ on the screenshot you want to save/share
  • Select Shortcuts and the select the ‘Tailor Banner Remover’
  • That’s it! You’ll be asked if you want to share it immediately or save it to your Photos


  • This Shortcut uses UpdateKit (2.0) — A Shortcut for keeping shortcuts like these updated!
  • Please consider buying the ‘premium’ version, it’s even easier than using this Shortcut and it helps keep awesome apps like these free :)
  • Have a great day!

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