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How does it work?

By running this shortcut, you can access the project settings. This will allow you to generate a user ID, set your home location or see how much contribution has been made to the project.

ID generation is based on

Integration within the Humin ecosystem

This shortcut is meant to be used within the Humin ecosystem, as part of our Data Research & Development project. The other shortcuts for this project can be found here:

To know more about the project or get involved, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

About Humin

We are building a Fitbit for mental health: bringing objective, passive, personalised symptom tracking for mood.

Our mission is to bring deep and personalised insights to support people to understand their mood symptoms. We are doing this using AI and anonymised data. Our vision is to bring quality mental health insights to everyone, to help them get the right care at the right time.


We are currently developing our MVP. If you wish to reach out to us and/or help us in our research, please reach out to us by visiting our website at

Go and check out our podcast on mental health:


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