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Written by Tony Dudley the creator of Control Centre for Shortcuts.

Tony is an accomplished Photographer with many years experience in planning photographic trips worldwide.

In this Shortcut you will have most of what you need as follows:

Maps Alarm clocks, Golden Hour, travel time alarm, sunrise Alarm. Weather forecasts Nd Filter settings Trip Planning tools for future trips and look back at your locations in history. In addition 12/01/2019 I have built a new shortcut to use when importing images into the latest version of iOS Adobe Lightroom, this is now included on the main menu.

I intend to build some other tools into this shortcut, if you feel that others could be added, get in touch details in the shortcut.

In the latest update access is given to use Control Centre Address Database, a quick alternative way to save regular places you visit.

Load your Home location in the Address Database and one press on the menu in Photographer takes you home.

Useing the same Database, use regular Places I visit on the menu and away you go, quick and simple to use and update.

Enjoy and happy snapping.



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