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Welcome to Pro!

How to use:

When you first run the shortcut, it will ask you to download two different shortcuts the first one will be a shortcut called BitUpdate in order to check for updates (Not Required) the second one will be a shortcut called “Pro Encoder” and that shortcut helps the main one (Required)! After you get all that you will be able to use the shortcut properly!


What I personally do is I say “Hey Siri, Pro” and it will activate the shortcut and ask “How can I help you” then you say what you want to ask! That’s why I named it Pro, I wanted a simple name that sounds good with Siri.


Wanna show your support? If so ❤️ this shortcut!

Pro uses the shortcut BitUpdate by @ashbit_ to check for updates (Not required)!

Any YouTube video that contains the work of Pro must give credit by putting a link to get the shortcut!

Any issues? Let me know in the comments!


The new “Ultra” shortcut is now available on Gumroad! You can now purchase Ultra for the price of only 2$! Get it here-

If you want the ChatGTP app version get it here-

Why choose Ultra over Pro?:

Ultra is…

  •Has more actions in the actions menu
   •Adds the feedback feature back
   •A unique way to check for updates
   •Updates in ultra are bigger
   •Ultra is more customizable
    •Ultra can be used with the Api’s or the ChatGTP app!


  • Version 5.0   Current
    1 week ago (Changes)
  • Version 4.2
    4 weeks ago (Changes)
  • Version 4.1
    1 month ago (Changes)
  • Version 3.8
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  • Version 3.8
    1 month ago (Changes)
  • Version 3.7
    1 month ago (Changes)
  • Version 3.6
    1 month ago (Changes)
  • Version 3.6
    1 month ago (Changes)
  • Version 3.5
    1 month ago (Changes)
  • Version 3.1
    1 month ago (Changes)
  • Version 3.0
    1 month ago (Changes)
  • Version 2.0
    2 months ago (Changes)
  • Version 1.0
    2 months ago (Changes)


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