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Make the action button do up to 8 custom actions and 5 pre built ones and make it pause music!


The MultiSide shortcut will handle up to 8 actions, and some pre built ones. The shortcut will also pause music. It also has a guided setup. It is mostly customizable.

Installing the shortcut

  • Click the Install button, 
  • You may need to click Get shortcut before the next step
  • Click Set up shortcut
  • The first step is Dynamic Button config (like pausing music). If you want it, change unconfigured to enabled.
  • Then, add the shortcuts you want to use with MultiSide. When you added enough, click skip setup or click next a lot of times.

Enable action button on iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 15 Pro Max - Then, go to Settings - Click Action Button in settings in iPhone. - Select shortcut. - Select MultiSide - Test it out!

Enable on Apple Watch - Go to settings on Apple Watch. - Select action button - Scroll to Shortcut - Click it - Choose multi side

Enable on mac quick action It is already enabled when you installed it if that Mac was on your iCloud account. If not, re do the setup on Mac. You will needs o lookup how to setup quick actions

Setup a iPad or non iPhone 15 pro or pro max on screen action button. Even though there is no action button on those devices, you can use AssistiveTouch. 

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap accessibility
  • Tap touch
  • Tap assistivetouch 
  • Set a gesture for the action button, if you don’t use AssistiveTouch menus, you are free to use single tap. You can also assign Siri, or home or more with the other actions. 
  • Customise the on screen action button. 
  • Turn on AssistiveTouch, if it is greyed out, turn off switch control.

You can even still do this as an additional method on an action button enabled device, so you can use the method closest to you. 

Install Click the install button then do the stated steps. If the button does not workm just use this link

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Siri is supported