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Photo collage


  • 100% native shortcut painstakingly adapted from my Python version, requires no other apps/shortcuts to run
  • It's slow when many images are used (50+ images will take several minutes; 100+ images will take 15-20 minutes, which, yes, is rediculous)
  • If you want more speed, check out the Python and Pythonista (iOS) versions on my GitHub that run over 100X faster
  • On iOS, Photo collage can fail if too much memory is used
    • If this happens, use the included "Preprocess images" utility which creates downscaled copies of images in a new photo album, then rerun Photo collage with those images
    • It will also run faster if preprocessing is done first
  • Can run by sharing images from the Share Sheet (works better with Siri Shortcut than with Pythonista version)
  • On macOS, sharing images from Photos to a Shortcut doesn't work (thanks, Apple....)


  • Run the shortcut from within the Shortcuts app, from a widget, or using the Share Sheet to share photos directly from a photo app (Photos/Google Photos/etc)
  • Select options for the collage and then select “Continue”
  • The collage will be generated and previewed, and you then have options to save and/or make a new collage from the same batch of selected images
  • The shortcut supports using 1 or 2 levels of nesting. The reason to use more than one level of nesting is to get a more dynamic collage, and with greater size difference between the smallest and largest images in the collage.


See the screenshots for features


  • Thanks to @gluebyte for Join Shortcuts, necessary for developing this shortcut by allowing for the independent development of subroutines
  • Thanks to @Avieshek for the Update Engine used for update checking

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