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Uses Gemini to parse calendar events from text (e.g. email threads/messages) or images (via OCR)

  • Takes text (or an image/screenshot containing text), e.g. from an email client or Messages and uses Google Gemini Pro to suggest one or more calendar events from the text content
  • You can choose which identified events will be added, and edit details beforehand if necessary
  • Messages and email clients suck at suggesting events; they're always incomplete and unhelpful and require additional user input. This lets Google Gemini Pro improve the process by parsing out the necessary information automatically
  • Automatically populates
    • an appropriate event title
    • start/end time and all day status
    • location
    • url
    • an appropriate calendar
    • attendee list
    • notes with references to relevant part(s) of the text used for creating the event
  • Uses "Gemini via API" shortcut


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