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I build a shortcut that helps simply my daily flow when it comes to Tweeting Metrics about my app OneTap to the #buildinpublic community on X. That's why this Shortcut has this name. 

All I have to do is head over to the App Store Connect app to view OneTaps Metrics for the day. Screenshot the metrics and run this shortcut. 

Once the Shortcut runs: 

  1. It Opens Photos
  2. I select the Screenshot I just took
  3. It then runs OneTap and I select the Keyboard Shortcut I want to run (More on OneTap & Shortcuts here.)
  4. Open Safari
  5. Head to Mixpanel.com to view OneTap Usage Analytics
  6. Close Safari
  7. Open X
  8. Paste the content attached to the OneTap Keyboard Shortcut I selected & the screenshot I selected
  9. Update the Metrics & Usage analytics in the Tweet
  10. Send Tweet

This Shortcut make it so much easier to post daily updates for OneTap and it's a great way to showcase the power of OneTap Shortcuts & Siri Shortcuts.

Hope you all find this Shortcut useful! 

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