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- This shortcuts contains

  • Language API (Allows you to use Multiple Languages in your Shortcut!)
  • Dictionary API (Allows you to Add, Remove items in Dictionary!)

- Language API > Load Strings

  1. Create New File Like an Example
  2. Add Dictionary and Run Shortcut Actions to the beginning of the Shortcut: Screenshot
  3. Put Inside "url" value raw URL to the Language File from First Step!
  4. "name" - Name of the Shortcut, "version" - Current Version (Uses For Auto-Update)

- Language API > Change Language

  1. Add Dictionary and Run Shortcut Actions: Screenshot
  2. Put Inside "url" value raw URL to the Language File!
  3. "name" - Name of the Shortcut, "version" - Current Version (Uses For Auto-Update), "help" - Help us Translate URL (optional)

- Dictionary API > Add To Dictionary

  1. Add Dictionary and Run Shortcut Actions: 
  2. Put Inside "dict" value Dictionary you want to use!
  3. Put Inside "item" value Dictionary with Key and Value!

- Dictionary API > Remove From Dictionary

  1. Add Dictionary and Run Shortcut Actions: 
  2. Put Inside "dict" value Dictionary you want to use!
  3. Put Inside "item" value Dictionary with Key you want to remove!




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