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Small But Powerful.


"The best Siri shortcut?"- IOS Tech Help

" A really cool shortcut", "It's pretty insane", - iDeviceMovies

"Awesome Siri Shortcut you’ll want to Download","Must Download"- IDeviceHelp


" iTweak has over 40 crazy tweaks for your iPhone device!"- unpredictable



iTweak allows you to tweak, customize,jailbreak, install tweaked apps, watch free Movies that cost money anywhere else, use cydia alternatives, use ssh, power options, and more.



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System Tweaks

Choose from a variety of jailbreak tweaks without a jailbreak needed. A full System Dark Mode, an option to lock your apps and block adds, get iPhone X features on any iPhone or iPad including Animoji, silent and theater mode, and way more is available.

Check out the full list here:

  • No Folder Labels
  • Custom Lock Wallpapers
  • Remove Water From Speakers
  • Low Power Mode++
  • Sleep Mode
  • Silent Mode for iPhone
  • Theater mode for iPad/iPhone
  • System Dark Mode
  • Dark Mode For Safari
  • Tilt Web
  • Change Font
  • Change font on Safari
  • Custom icons for apps
  • blank icons for apps
  • Hide dock wallpapers
  • Frames to dock and folders
  • Static dynamic wallpapers
  • Flashlight Disco
  • Get iPhone X features on iPad/iPhone
  • Run MacOS on device
  • Bike Mode
  • Camera Mode
  • Panic Mode
  • Normal Video To slo-mo or time-lapse
  • Always On Clock
  • Edit Text On Webpage
  • Drain Battery
  • Quik Call Or Message
  • Remove Water From Speakers
  • Facetune For iPhone
  • Remove iPhone X Notch Wallpapers/ Shortcut
  • Turn OFF IOS Animations
  • Blcok IOS Updates in settings and update notifications
  • Block System Ads
  • Block Safari Ads
  • Freeze your device
  • Cool Down Your Device
  • Heat Up Your Device
  • Speed Intensifier
  • iMessage Tools
  • Remove Tailor Banner Free
  • No Caller ID
  • Circle Folders
  • Hide Dock Dots
  • Hide App Notification Badges Wallpaper
  • Expand Bezels
  • Change IOS Notification Badge Color
  • Background YouTube
  • Instagram Downloader
  • YouTube Downloader
  • Delayed Message
  • Get Animoji on any iDevice
  • Get louder volume than iOS allows you to
  • Get portrait mode depth controll on any iPhone/iPad
  • Remove dock and status bar
  • See inside your iPhone Wallpapers
  • Hide stock apps
  • Glowing iPhone Wallpapers
  • Bring back slide to unlock
  • Nested Folders
  • Change Folder Color
  • Put controll center in the Notification Center 
  • Lock Any App With A Pascode
  • Open feedback app on normal iOS Versions  

List of Tweaked/++ apps (Only available here)

Without a jailbreak required you can install tweaked and ++ apps from our huge library. 

Full list of apps:

  • SleepCycle++
  • SoundCloud++
  • SpeedTest++
  • Spotify++
  • Pandora++
  • Cydia no jailbreak
  • WhatsApp Watsui
  • WhatsApp++
  • WhatsPad++
  • Plex++
  • Pokémon Go++
  • TikTok++
  • Tinder++
  • Twitch++
  • UFC++
  • Snapchat++
  • Snapchat++ for iPhone X
  • Deezer++
  • Facebook++
  • Twitter++
  • Napster++
  • AnimojiiStudio
  • InstagramRocket
  • Instagram++
  • YouTube Cercube
  • YouTube Music ++
  • YouTube++
  • Jodel++
  • Pro Tube++
  • Phantom For Snapchat
  • Snapchat Scothman
  • SpotifyWhite
  • SpotifyOrange
  • SpotifyBlue
  • SpotifyRed
  • SpotifyPink
  • Twitter Darkmode 
  • Twitter Labs 
  • Moivie Box++
  • Moivie Box Pro
  • Pandora++
  • CrunchyRoll++
  • YTMusic++
  • ++
  • NFL++
  • NBA++
  • Kik++
  • Mimo++  

Cydia Alternatives

Use cydia Alternatives for free without a jailbreak needed

See our full list here:

  • Panda Helper
  • App Valley
  • Tutuapp
  • TweakBox
  • Appeven
  • Ignition
  • Golden Cydia
  • Vshare
  • iNoJailbreak
  • Zestia  

Power Options

Access to device power options such as respring device.

See our list here:

  • Respring
  • Reboot
  • Reset
  • Freeze Device
  • Crash Shortcut
  • Low Power Mode  

Jailbreak Tools

Install jailbreaks to your unjailbroken device.

  • Unc0ver (11.0 - 11.4b3)
  • Unc0ver (11.0 - 11.4b3) [v. improved]
  • Th0r (11.2 - 11.4b3)
  • Electra (11.2 - 11.4b3) VFS
  • Electra (11.2 - 11.4b3) VFS [v. improved]
  • Electra (11.2 - 11.4b3) MPTCP
  • Electra (11.0 - 11.1.2)
  • RootlessJB (11.2 - 11.3.1) [No install Cydia]
  • Meridian (10.0 - 10.3.3)
  • DoubleH3lix (10.0 - 10.3.3)
  • H3lix (10.0 - 10.3.3)
  • Yalu102 (10.0 - 10.2)
  • Extra Recipe + YaluX (10.0 - 10.0.3) *Mach Portal + Yalu (10.1 - 10.1.1)
  • Phoenix (9.3.5)
  • Home Depot RC3 (9.1 - 9.3.4) *Pangu (9.2 - 9.3.3)
  • EtasonJB (8.4.1)  

SSH Shortcuts

Use ssh.

  • Mac Maestro
  • RootlessJB SSH Commands
  • RootlessJB SSH 2
  • Mac Maestro
  • SSH Terminal  



iTweak Movies Image

iTweak Movies!!! Exclusive Here!

iTweak Movies!!! Any Movie /TV Show , Anywere, Any Time, FREE!!!!. With iTweak Movies you can choose from library’s that contain 1,000’s of Movies and TV Shows. All our movies are

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  3. Secure
  4. Appropriate for almost all ages
  5. And More!!
  6. Most Available in Multiple Quailities
  7. Available in Multiple Languages

With The New Addition comes way more. Your favorite TV Shows no matter how old or new can be found in our library as well as your favorite movies from a long time ago with modern ones as well. Alll Free. Most available in multiple quality’s from 8K to 720p. iTweak Movies contains multiple genres too. Is it Halloween? Go for a horror. Christmas? Choose from a large assortment of Christmas movies. Any Other Occasion or Holiday? We’ve got that too.



What’s Trending??

Find out the top on the movie and tv charts.

Choose a quality...

Many quality’s from 820p to 4K.

Tune on in..

We feature a huge library of 10,000+  movies and TV Shows that cost money anywhere else but for free here.

Movies and TV Shows from any time.

Want to go for an old 60s Movie or TV Show ? Or maybe something in the Movies Now or a TV Show currently running. We’ve got you covered.

Multiple Generes

From Seasonal to romantic comedy’s we’ve got multiple genres to choose from from our Large and Growing Assortment.

Appropriate for Almost All Ages

Our Movies/Tv Shows  Do NOT contain NSFW Content.

You won’t be left out...

no te quedarás fuera
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With iTweak Movies, Multiple Languages are available so you won’t be left out.

UpdateBot And iTweak Movies by...




Credit to @canibeanartist_for creating _Tilt Web, @OhMika for making a safari Adblock, and credit to @Grorge for making a Cydia installer. Also credit to @Rop For the image above. An @Josh0678 for making the water eject Tweak. Also credit to @Ethan0799 for making Pascode Lock Any App. Credit to SadFarm For making iTweak Movies also, he was a big help :)!

.Adding more Tweaks/apps soon. If you have a tweak feel free to share an iCloud link in the description.




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