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This shortcut is a customizable menu for All-in-One Utilities Version 52! To use it, open the shortcut in edit mode and then you can delete items in the menu, add items and even completely ditch the menu for your own solution!

To open utilities directly in All-in-One Utilities, you need to send a dictionary (or json) into it. The format is like this:

{ "UtilityReq": "Utility ID", "Input": "Shortcut Input" }

Utility IDs are numbers that utilities are corresponded to. Here’s the Utility IDs for all the utilities: 0. Go Back 1. Ultra Low Power Mode 2. Respring Device 3. Control Center 2 4. Show Clipboard 5. Network Speedtest 6. Device Details 7. Download Webpage Content 8. Random Number Generator 9. Park My Car 10. Scan QR Code 11. Generate Wi-Fi QR Code 12. Text Effects 13. Games 14. Random Joke 15. Image Deepfryer 16. Scenarios 17. Run JavaScript 18. Text To Speech 19. Shortcut Backups 20. Remove Moisture from Speaker 21. Convert Video/Audio 22. Convert GIF 23. Check for Updates 24. About this Shortcut 25. Change Preferences 26. Shortcut Sharing Sites’ Pages 27. PIN Lock 28. Install Beta


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