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TL;DR : Say what you'd like to watch, shortcut searches YouTube, top 5 results get spoken to you, you reply with the number that you would like to watch, shortcut opens the video right away in YouTube... Longer version: You ask the shortcut what you would like to watch, shortcut then sends this info to my server which then web scrapes YouTube for this search results and only gets the title and the links then it returns it to the Shortcut as a dictionary Once the shortcut recieves this info, it numbers them so the user can easily just pick a number which then it presents this numbered data to the user so they may choose one. After the user has chosen and replied with the number, the Shortcut then sends this data to my server which will translate the "word number" into an integer (currently max is 10) which the server then just replies with the number. Finally, when the Shortcut recieves the integer the Shortcut then matches the translated number with incremental value that is stored in a variable that signifies the current iteration of the dictionary returned earlier and if they both match it returns the Value off of the Key-Value pair from the dictionary.


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