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Author: u/chefchip1965

This game is intended to play lot a slot machine. It starts out by showing you the payouts for $1, $5 and $10 bets. You then put money 💴 into tour bank  🏦, $20, 50, $100 or $200

The spin is done by 3 random numbers. To increase or decrease the odds change the variable Maxspin. It is preset to 16. Changing a small amount yields large odd changing results. The higher the number the higher the odds.  There is also a second random number to give the affect of mechanical positioning like the slots. It is a variable called Mechanical weighting. It is preset to 4. This variable subtracts from Maxspin to allow differing odds per wheel. 

The payout column is noted with an ✅ and if you win, the row is indicated with a -▶︎ on the left side of the show alert. 

2 files are created in you shortcuts folder. One called slots.txt that either is blank or has a 1 showing a game is in progress. When you cashout the file is blank indicating the next time the shortcut is run  it is a new game.

The other file is bank.txt. It is used to store your bank 🏦  balance.



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