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This is a more intuitive, complete and up-to-the-minute weather report spoken in a natural manner by Siri in the language of your choice that has been updated for iOS 13.1.

Great for use with HomePod or including with your “Good Morning!” routine. Simply add a Run Shortcut action to your Shortcut to hear this complete weather report first thing in the morning to plan your day. 


Siri reports the current weather and the next day’s forecast for your location in a natural, conversational manner.

For the hearing impaired: While importing, set the “Hearing Impaired?” option to “True” to read instead of hear Siri’s weather report.

May also be configured, while importing, to use either imperial or metric units in weather report:

  • Select False for Fahrenheit or True for Celsius temperatures.
  • Select False for inches or True for millimeters of precipitation.
  • Select False for mph or True for km/h of wind speed.
  • Select False for inHg or True for hPa of barometric pressure.
  • Select False for miles or True for km of visibility.

While importing, select your preferred language translation of report by Microsoft Translator, your preferred Siri language, and your preferred Siri voice.

Siri intuitively adjusts report based on the time of day, the current weather conditions, the amount of past and the chance of future precipitation, and more.

The air quality index and category are reported when available. 

The UV index and risk category are reported when available during daylight hours.

Future sunrise and sunset times are reported when available.

If you are new to creating your own Shortcuts, Total Weather by Siri may also be helpful by providing examples of using multilevel dictionaries and creating new dictionaries from lists.


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