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iOS 13 beta 6 broke the shortcut for iOS 12 devices. beta 7 just got released I don't know if that fixed it.

A simple shortcut to looking for the lowest level for enchants in Hypixel skyblock

You click a category (Sword, Bow, Armor, Tools, Fishing) Then choose an enchantment, and boom there ya go. You also get an alert reminding you to go at least 2 levels higher for a better chance of getting the enchantments you need. You can also use the search option to save time.

Levels will be updated weekly. I work on feature updates when I feel like it.

Last Updated: August 17th

Next Update: August 24th

Posted this here because I was trying to enable auto-update. (Still Trying) But since people are downloading it, I will keep it updated here.

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