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Welcome to bitin!

bitin (Device Tweaker) is a solid alternative to iTweak that does not support piracy, so you can tweak your device and not support pirates. While bitin does have an App Store, it only offers legal apps meaning no evil ++/Cracked Apps! :D bitin also requires QuickUpdate so you can be sure you’re always on the latest version! The main point of bitin is to be an iTweak alternative that does not support piracy.



bitin has a nice app shop called Bitinistra! And not to mention - Bitinistra does not contain any pirated apps! ^_^


Stunning User-Interface

bitin has a stunning user interface called Bitface 2. Bitface 2 tells you the name of the tweak, as well as an image beside it.



iOS Themes


Safari Invert Colors


Create Alarm


Bitinistra, which is an App Shop (Legal Apps Only, No ++ Apps)


Notch Remover


Omega Power Mode


Active Power Optimization


Safari Edit Webpage


Water Eject


Block iOS 12 Updates


System-Wide AdBlock


Flashlight Disco.


Block Revokes


Cool Down Device


Turn Off OLED


Tilt Web


Turn Off iOS Animations


Maximum Volume ULTRA


Performance Mode


Change Updater For All Shortcuts


Has My Password been Leaked?


Privacy Notice

Please be aware that bitin may get system files to check that your device does not contain pirated material. This information is not collected, and is kept on your device. By downloading version 1.4.1 or higher, you accept this use.

Another Notice:

This is an official port of bitin (Device Tweaker) from RoutineHub. Some slight changes have been made . Please do not mark bitin (Device Tweaker) On here as a copy, neither the RoutineHub edition. If you do find a copy however, tell me about it @QuickUpdate5


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Siri is supported

ShareSheet is supported

Widget is supported

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