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Routinehub link Author: @NikoUY

Save frequently used actions and import them into a Shortcut

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This Shortcut allows you to save actions and import them into a Shortcut, useful for things you use constantly or stuff you would like to save without needing to have a Shortcut dedicated to it.

Save a snippet video

To save a snippet you need to open the Shortcut where the actions you want to save are located, put an empty comment above the actions you want to save and another one at the end (if you want to skip a section you can put a empty comment before it and you can start a new section using empty comments at a later time). After that you need to open this Shortcut and select Save Snippet, select the Shortcut where the actions are located and input the name of the Snippet.

Load a snippet video

To load a snippet you need to open the Shortcut where you want to import the snippet to, put a comment that starts with “Snippet” and a small description to identify it (can be a number or whatever you want) at the location you want to import it, you can do this multiple times if you want to import more than one snippet, then open this Shortcut, select Load Snippet, select the Shortcut and after that it’ll scan the Shortcut for the comments that start with “Snippet” and ask you which of the saved snippets you want to replace it with.

You can also Rename and Remove snippets from the list of saved snippets.

The snippets support tags, if you put something between double curly brackets (for example {{Like This}}) when you load a snippet it’ll ask you for something to replace it with.


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