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Version 1.1.4 - 2022-01-11
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Simon B. Støvring

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Uploaded: 2022-12-12
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Build 1184.4.4
Uploaded: 2022-02-05
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Build 1145.7.3
Uploaded: 2020-04-20
Shortcuts v. 3.0
Build 1050.19
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App Description

Data Jar is a data store designed to be used with Shortcuts. The data store lets you persist key-value pairs.

If you have used dictionaries and lists in Shortcuts, then you’ll find that the data format used by Data Jar is very similar.

- Extensive support for Shortcuts, enabling you to read and update data directly from Shortcuts.
- Store text, numbers, booleans, lists, dictionaries and even files.
- Files are stored in iCloud Drive and can be accessed from the Files app.
- Support for multiple windows and drag and drop on the iPad.
- Synchronisation between devices using iCloud.

Data Jar is free to use but contains a tip jar where users can pay a few bucks to support the developer.